Esy Labs

Specialising in the technology of electrosynthesis for the production of organic and inorganic chemical raw materials



Dr. Tobias Gärtner, Prof. Dr. Siegfried R. Waldvogel

Founding Year



electrosynthesis and catalysis

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Prof. Siegfried Waldvogel

The innovative start-up ESy-Labs GmbH was founded in 2018 and has specialized, among other things, in the electrosynthesis of raw materials from waste. In the GreenTech Park FLUXUM, the company will carry out an upcycling of HCH-contaminated soil material. The aim is to scale the process, which has already been developed on a smaller scale, so that it can be used on a technically relevant scale in the future. 

Which Influence did Ryon have on the Development of ESy-Labs?

ESy-Labs, as an innovative spin-off of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, specializes in electrosynthesis technology for the production of organic and inorganic raw materials. 

The Fluxum site in Gernsheim offers Esy-Labs ideal conditions for upscaling electrochemical processes for the dehalogenation of organic waste. In this way, high-quality raw materials for the chemical industry can be recovered from industrial waste using renewable energies and a closed material cycle for organochlorine compounds can be realized for the first time. As a former chemical site, Fluxum offers the necessary infrastructure and know-how, as well as a solar park under construction. Esy-Labs, while remaining profitable, is tackling an environmental problem that has existed for decades. 

In addition, Esy-Labs is intensively involved with its technology platform in the development of the future cluster ETOS "Electrification of Technical Organic Synthesis" selected by the BMBF ( clusters4future ). Ryon and Fluxum are located in the heart of the Rhine-Main-Neckar region and therefore in the immediate vicinity of well-known universities and companies that support this initiative. It is foreseeable that a national focus will develop here for the future project of the electrification of chemical production. Alongside "white" biotechnology, electrochemistry will become one of Ryon's main technological focuses.