Our Partnership
Our Mission


Our offer for established Companies



We want to develop the region into an outstanding location for innovation. That is why we are establishing the "GreenTech Cluster Rhine-Main-Neckar" together with our network partners.



With our agile scouting, innovation and project programs, we offer you solutions that make it easier for you to implement your ideas.



One pillar of our offering is the provision of a professionally equipped laboratory infrastructure. This enables us to offer innovators a modern environment.

Access to an Interdisciplinary Network

With the GreenTech Cluster Rhine-Main-Neckar, ryon offers its partners access to an interdisciplinary network of decision-makers from companies, startups, universities, research institutes, experts and investors.

The close interaction in the cluster strengthens innovation and competitiveness and increases productivity and profitability of the partners; venture capital and expert knowledge promote success.

  • Startup network, event platform

  • Subject matter expertise, consulting, dashboards, reports

  • Digital networking platform and forums

  • Visibility / public relations

  • Infrastructure for R&D projects

  • For the first "Gold" members, ryon offers admission to the Business Advisory Board.


The Agenda for our Partnership

The Market Potential for Innovations

The Rhine-Main-Neckar economic region has the potential to become a GreenTech growth market

Engine for Innovation und Technology

ryon accelerates the implementation of sustainable investments and business models

We develop the Future in that Network

Together we will exploit the potential for innovation

Our Offer - our Partnership

Access to the cluster network and its service portfolio

Our Memberships for Companies



The recommendation for small and medium-sized companies aiming for high visibility in the cluster, excellent networking and access to current studies and information about Greentech.



The recommendation for larger companies that are interested in using new green technologies, as well as medium-sized companies that want to invest in their own developments.



The recommendation for large companies and corporations with a strategic Greentech orientation with the aim of living "Open Innovation".

Expert Membership

Our Expert Membership for Providers of professional Services

Driving forward the green transformation quickly and efficiently requires well-founded and targeted action. This requires our above-mentioned target group to have a good understanding of the economic, technological, legal, regulatory and other framework conditions. In addition, it will be important to bring new, innovative products and services to market quickly. In this context, the supply chain and marketing & sales tasks associated with successful sales must also be solved.

Suitable experts in the respective subject areas therefore support our target group with their knowledge, experience and networks. The combination of support requirements on the one hand and qualified support services on the other takes place via the GreenTech Cluster, primarily with recourse to corresponding expert members.

Our Programs

Labor Center

The nucleus of our business model is the provision of a needs-based infrastructure (functional laboratory and technical center space, workstations, meeting and event space) to offer innovators decisive development and scaling opportunities.

We have been offering modules in our laboratory center since November 2023.



GreenTech Accelerator Building

In the medium term, we are planning to develop a science and innovation campus. Experts from universities and companies will work together with young companies on this campus. The campus offers GreenTech innovators space to grow and develop on the site of the "Fluxum" technology park.

Planning for the construction of the first building on the campus - a new building with high-quality laboratories and workshops, modern workspaces and attractive event areas on around 5,000 m² of rental space - is largely complete. The attractive new building will emphasize the appeal of the campus as a location for science and innovation from 2026.

Initial applications for laboratory and technical space are already welcome.



We are always available to answer any questions you may have.
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